For being such an under populated region Abruzzo is alive with festival and pageant activities all year round. Unlike festivals tailored to the likes of tourists the festivals in Abruzzo are rich with local culture and traditions and proceed at a more relaxed pace. There is no safer place in Italy to enjoy a festival with the family or to enjoy the festivities alone. A partial list of the Abruzzo festivals includes:


  • Lanciano hosts a medieval pageant and horse race in September.
  • Cappelli Sul Tavo hosts the Palio del Pupo Costumed Races in August.
  • Cocullo hosts the Snake Handlers’ Procession during which a statue of St. Dominic covered in live snakes is carried through the town. The festival is in May.
  • Villa Santa Mariah hosts an annual Culinary Festival during which world class chefs in the region demonstrate their skills over a three day period in October.
  • Francavilla a Mare hosts carnival festivities in February.
  • San Valentino hosts a Good Friday festival called the Frittata Festival.
  • Picciano hosts thier Traditional Befana Festival in January.
  • Citta Sant’Angelo hosts a carnival parade of floats in February.
  • Villamagna hosts The Turks and St. Margerite historical reenactment festival in July.
  • Rivisondoli hosts a living nativity scene during which hundreds of reenact the events in January.
  • Loreto Aprutino hosts the Procession of the Ox on the Monday after Pentecost.
  • Scanno hosts Bonfire Festival to commemorate St. Martin in November.
  • Cepagatti hosts a historical parade with floats, fireworks and celebrations in August.
  • Popoli host the Trout and Shrimp Festival in August.
  • Fara Filiorum Petri hosts the Farchie Festival in dedication to St. Anthony during January.
  • Cappelle Sultano hosts the Palio of the Puppets in August.
  • Rocca di Mezzo hosts the Daffodil Festival to celebrate the arrival of spring in May.
  • Pacentro hosts the Festival of the Madonna of Loreto in September.
  • Celano hosts a costumed procession with fireworks in August.


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